Mas Oyama

The path to absolute truth. My philosophy of karate "
Mas Oyama (27.07.1923-24.04.1994) - a man of legend and a man of mystery. His journey in the martial arts began in childhood with a study of one of the Chinese styles of "fist art". As a youth, Oyama met with judo. Later, he studied under the leading masters of different schools of Karate (Shotokan and Goju-ryu), got a hold of school Aiki jujutsu Daito-ryu, which became the foundation of modern aikido, he deeply studied Kokodan judo. A huge talent, will, perseverance and fantastic dedication to the path chosen enabled Oyama for a few years became one of Japan's strongest young fighters. After World War II, Oyama, waiting times of troubles, lived in a Buddhist temple on Mount Minobe, trained hard and because of this, in 1947, won the first post-war Japan Karate Championship, held in Kyoto. In 1948 Oyama again goes to the mountains. New seclusion atop Kiёsumi lasted a year and a half. According to legends, an incredible amount of which has acquired during the life biography of the master, he lived there as a hermit not communicating with people, fed "pasture" fought with wild beasts. In fact Oyama isolation was not complete, he returned periodically to the "world": receiving mail on spending money from his sponsors, and letters from his master in karate Nate, bought provisions, etc. However, this retreat allowed the young master to achieve impressive results in the mastery of karate. In 1949 Oyama in order to popularize karate began organizing demonstration fights with bulls. In total, he spent 52 fights with these animals, three of them killed with his bare hands. Extraordinary bullfighting widely covered by the media, and one film company even took off a documentary film. Because of this, Oyama's name became known throughout Japan, and soon all over the world. In 1952-53 Oyama in a group of professional toured the United States. He had mostly show fights, but spent a few fights without rules with American boxers and all won. His success and impressive demonstration of karate created a furor, and gave a powerful impetus to the victorious progress of karate by continents. On his return in 1954, Oyama opened his first lounge-Oyama Dojo. It quickly turned into a real Mecca of fighters from across the country who sought to master the art of real combat, and were dissatisfied with the limitations available in other schools. Oyama Students of the period amounted to a cohort of Fame of Kyokushin karate. In their trainings and matches a new style was born, which in 1964 was officially named "Kyokushin Kaikan" - "Union of absolute truth." And the next year as a result of the huge influx of dealing Kyokushin worldwide established the International Karate Organization (IKO) with the center in Tokyo. Oyama Karate saw the highest goal in search of absolute truth in the way of martial arts, which makes the practice of Kyokushin a kind of religious ritual, yoga, the path of self-discovery. Master strongly defended the spiritual values ​​of Budo Karate - karate as a way of understanding and improving themselves through the practice of martial arts - opposing their selfish motivation of Western (especially professional) sports. Predominating in the western sport spirit of self-assertion, he contrasted the characteristic of  Budo Karate spirit of self-denial. Claiming the spiritual values ​​of Budo Oyama challenged the limits of human capabilities, drawing a personal example. His experience and knowledge found expression in the philosophy of Kyokushin and Kyokushin world movement of the concept, which was seen in Oyama Union seekers of absolute truth, uniting people regardless of skin color, nationality appliances, religion and political beliefs. From 1969, when passed the open championships of Japan Karate Kyokushin began a sporting development. And since 1975 is counted history of the world championships, which are modeled as the Olympic Games, held only once in 4 years. For Oyama Karate tournaments in their deep content were kind of a survival test and a special kind of spiritual practice. Master knew a dangerous fight as a martial ritual on life and death. Extreme conditions of battle with full contact applied special requirements for the preparation of participants. But they also contributed to the disclosure of reserve capacity of natural fighters, technical and spiritual. They were, in a sense, the initiatory tests on the way of the warrior. Thanks to an outstanding personality of Mas Oyama, his fantastic skills, the efforts of his closest associates, who have made a tremendous contribution to maintaining the image of karate as the strongest martial art and large-scale advertising, Kyokushin is widespread in the world. At present, this style takes about 15 million people in 140 countries around the world!


“"Ояма не умер. Киокушин - его душа!" "