Kyokushin - is the strongest style of Karate

Kyokushin is the strongest style of karate on the planet. The founder of the Kyokushin school in the middle of the 20th century was the legendary master Masutatsu Oyama. From his youth, studying traditional martial arts, judo and boxing, he proclaimed the meaning of his life the revival of the "real" karate - contact, without protective equipment, with powerful punches and kicks (only punches to the head are forbidden in Kyokushin). That's why Kyokushin is an extremely spectacular sport that has won millions of fans around the world. This style requires extreme concentration, powerful athletic training and unbending will to win both in sparring - kumite, and in tameshivari - breaking boards.

According to the Budo-karate ideal, Kyokushin was primarily founded as a military art. Oyama did not separate the constant improvement of the technique of battle from continuous upbringing of the spirit. It is important not only physical, but holistic development of the best qualities of a person.

Over the past half a century Kyokushin literally conquered the world - now it engaged .

12 million people in 140 countries. Kyokushin stirred up interest in martial arts and spurred the development and access to a qualitatively new level of other traditional karate schools, stimulated the creation of new, modern styles and exceptionally strong styles and directions. Still, it is the Kyokushin, in the opinion of so many experts, remains the strongest, hardest and most effective style of martial arts. At the same time, kyokushin is developing as a sporting trend. Oyama's own set of clear, few rules, a high qualification barrier, a restriction on the use of dangerous techniques in competitions - particularly, the ban on blows to the head, makes competitions on Kyokushin on the one hand very spectacular, on the other - low traumatic.

Kyokshin is the strongest style of karate, as:

- the trainig methods of Kyokshin karate lets everyone, who practices it, successfully take part in all the tournaments of karate regardless of their regulations; - no one training by other methods became a champion in in any tournament guided by the rules of the Kyokshin karate; - the rules of Kyokushin karate are absolutely close to the rules of the real fight, as the degree of closeness and contact is not limited. Kicks are prevented in the only places that are impossible to train in advance. Protecting equips are not being used; - the criterion of estimates serves the incapability of the sportsman to continue the fight, and not the subjective opinion of judges; - requirements of the technical program in comparison with technical programs of all other styles and methods are the highest and also come nearer to borders of human opportunities.