Extinguishing candles – as a method of setting punches

Candle extinction was described by Masutatsu Oyama in his book “This is Karate”. Set a lit candle in front of you and strike, stopping it at a distance of about 5 cm from the flame. If you cannot extinguish a candle by stopping a strike more than two inches (5 cm) from it, your technique cannot be considered perfect. Remember that in this technique are equally important both speed and power. However, extinguishing the candle requires speed rather than force. The natural balance of speed and psychological concentration is the essence of this technique. To extinguish a candle by hitting the front surface of a fist is much more difficult than waving a hand. Candle extinction is not a trick, but a real training method that allows you to develop speed and accuracy of impact. Extinguishing the candle is a great addition to a daily workout with a bag and makivara. source:https//google.ru