Tournament dedicated to the Armenian army


Under the auspices of the President of the Federation of Kyokushin Karate Andranik Hakobyan on May 22 was held a tournament dedicated to the Armenian Army. The tournament Started with demonstration performances. About 200 children and young sportsmen captivated the audience with their decent training, technical and tactical interesting manners. In the tournament the Federation leadership expressed sincere gratitude to the parents of those athletes who serve in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, they were awarded with diplomas.

The tournament was also attended by guests from Russia- old friends of the Federation, from them Papin Aproyan made a speech. We should mention that recently Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia, together with friends from Russia provided financial support to families of military personnel killed at the border.

Many students of the school Kyokushin Karate today also serve in the Armenian army, let such activities further strengthen the will and the spirit of future generations, and educate them in the real fighters ..