Black belt in karate-wisdom


A step from brown to black belt – is the most important in the karateka life. Up to and including the brown belt, different colored belts requirements still affect students. Black belt - this is a common goal of many karatekas. Yet its requirements are very high, and many students who aspired to it at some stage are humbly satisfied by a lower level of skills and understanding, not wishing to meet face to face a huge requirements for yudansha. Beginning with the first dan these requirements must become the second nature. The practice should now be directed to a good setup. Search techniques and the relationship of masters of past and present helps junior black belts to improve themselves. Yet, 1st achievement - this is a new beginning, not the end of the road, so there is no place for satisfaction of pride and selfishness. How foolish is to think that you have achieved everything. If Yudansha continues tirelessly to train, even in the later years of his life, as a white belt gradually turns black, his black belt is cleared slowly becoming frayed at the edges, and turns white again. Thus, the circle closes inevitably, and the master once again becomes a student. The entire process can then be repeated, but in the areas that lie beyond simple techniques, beyond the mind games, beyond the comprehension of an average person. This is the area of Yudansha. Karateka learns to see, that an intrinsic nature of all things is good. Taking its allies goodness, you must not be afraid of anything. You need to learn to love everyone as equal, to see the good in everyone's heart, to find a reason to be afraid of no one.